Welcome Dr Rosenblum

Regenerate Stem Cell Clinic is very excited to announce the addition of Dr Stuart Rosenblum to our team as our new Medical Director. Dr Rosenblum is one of the preeminent interventional pain doctors in Portland, founding the first pain clinic at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital 20 years ago. An interventional pain doctor differs from a conventional pain medicine doctor in that they are usually dual boarded in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine like Dr Rosenblum. They are the ones who do the steroid injections, ablations, nerve blocks etc. but more recently many of them are adding stem cells to their bag of tricks.

When you are choosing a clinic for stem cell therapy the choices of type of provider are vast. According to their website https://www.a4m.com/  where you can look up member providers, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, (the closest thing to a Society for Stem Cell Providers) is made up of a huge mixture of specialties and types of providers. Your options range from Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and Acupuncturists to Podiatrists, Plastic Surgeons, Pain Medicine Specialists, Orthopedists and almost every other type of doctor in between.

IMHO very few of them bring to the table what the combination of Chiropractor and Pain Medicine Doctor serve up for stem cell therapy. With both you have the expertise of the interventional pain specialist along with the well-rounded services of the chiropractor. These doctors are both joint experts; manipulating and injecting spines and joints all day long.

Who better to understand the nuances of nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain, and inflammatory pain or sympathetic muscle compensation and other complicated pain mechanisms than a chiropractor and Interventional Pain Medicine Dr working together?

Dr Rosenblum will be injecting stem cells for patients both at our clinic on SW Macadam, at his own clinic, Oregon Interventional Pain Consultants in NW Portland  http://oripc.com/ and, should fluoroscopy be required, at East Portland Surgery Center.


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